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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Cost Of President Obama's Christmas Holiday

So the President and his family are travelling to Hawaii the Christmas season for their vacation lasting a few weeks. So how much is this vacation going to cost the US tax payer in a time when the National Debt is at its highest, and the possible of a tax increase may just be in sight for the start of 2012? An assessment of the numbers shows that it will likely be the 44th president’s most expensive vacation to date.

The Blaze Reports:

The Hawaii Reporter has estimated that travel, alone, will cost $3,629,622 — a startlingly large figure considering the length of the trip. And, yes, in case you were wondering: Taxpayers will be footing a chunk of the bill. After all, it‘s not cheap to ensure that the world’s most powerful leader is safe as he travels and enjoys time away from the grind.
To begin, the family is traveling separately, as Obama has had plenty to wrap up in Washington, D.C. before the holidays (i.e. the payroll tax cut drama). So, First Lady Michelle Obama already left for the family’s tropical getaway — a $100,000 expenditure, including personnel, travel and security.
Obama’s round-trip flight to Hawaii on Air Force One is estimated to be the largest expenseassociated with the vacation. According to the Air Force, it apparently costs $181,757 per flight hour to run the nation’s most secure (and probably its most lavish) aircraft. Thus, the total for the nine-hour trip from Washington to Hawaii and then back again will come in at $3,271,611.
And let’s not forget that a USAF C-17 cargo plane is also needed to bring Presidential limos, helicopters and other essentials along. This, too, comes at the tune of thousands of dollars. Plus, there’s security for the president and his family. A team of between four and six Marine Corps will travel along on a separate flight and require per diem and hotel, coming in at $258,000 (estimated).
The Obamas do cover the expense for their own private beach-front home in Kailua, Oahu, which costs up to $3,500 per day ($75,000 per month). However, taxpayers are responsible for housing monies associated with the U.S. Secret Service, Coast Guart and Navy Seals. There are seven houses needed to accommodate these individuals, which amounts to about $21,600 per home.
And these are only some of the costs. There are plenty of other numbers that can be crunched as well — including the local taxpayers‘ burden for services needed during the president’s stay — but the total expense for the vacation, according to the Reporter, will be $4,113,038 (estimated).
Is this the price the US tax payer has to pay for electing a President that doesn't own their own home? Because this is an expensive vacation, you will not see me paying more than $4 million on a holiday.

Previous President go home for their Holidays. President Bush spent a lot of time at his Ranch in Texas, security was easy because their were no close neighbours or buildings that needed to be rented out and he was able to host the team that came with him.

That is why Camp David was set up for Presidents to get away from the White House and go on Vacation, and area that is already secure for them and is cheap compared to renting out the entire Island of Hawaii to keep the President safe.
My advice to President Obama, buy a house that has some land around it and vacation there. And if you want to travel to an exotic location for your family vacation take the cost of it out of your own wallet. Their were many time where President and Mrs. Bush paid for things out of their own pocket and Mrs. Bush address those in her book.

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